Personal Money Management

Personal Money Management
Personal Money Management
Personal Money Management
Personal Money Management
Personal Money Management



If you’re reading this, you know what it’s like to struggle with finances. To watch the bank account drain, credit card balances rise, and wonder where all your money is going. 

If you’re tired of: 
• Living paycheck to paycheck
• Not knowing where your money is disappearing to
• Being stressed about money
• Avoiding looking at your credit card statements
• Not having any savings to fall back on
• Drowning in debt
• Not being able to get ahead no matter how hard you try

“Personal Money Management: How to Go From Debt to Wealth” will help you: 
• Learn about mindset and money myths that might be holding you back. 
• Learn the importance of paying of yourself first. And give you specific (easy) actions steps to implement. 
• Define your financial goals and help you reach them. 
• Create a personalized budget that will work with your lifestyle. 
• Get out of debt once and for all. 

This product doesn’t just tell you how to fix your finances. It includes worksheets to help you transform your life. It's not just an includes printables to apply the knowledge. 

"Budget Binder" is a printable budgeting binder with over 150 pages. Contents include: 

Part 1: Yearly Budgeting Binder & Goals
-How to Use Goal Setting Worksheets (instructions)
-Destination Worksheet
-Goal Worksheets
-Long-Term Goal Worksheet
-Yearly Breakdown
-Quarterly Planner
-Monthly Planner
-Weekly Planner
-How to Make a Budget (instructions)
-Yearly Budget
-Yearly Goal Breakdown
-Quarterly Goal Breakdowns x 4
-Monthly Goal Planner x 12
-Monthly Expense Tracker x 12
-Monthly Budget Worksheet x 12
-Yearly Budget Totals
-Bill Paying Checklist
-Bank Information x 2

Part 2: Debt & Savings
-Money Checklist Worksheet
-Net Worth Worksheet
-Debt Assessment: Feelings
-Debt Assessment: Numbers
-Debt Renegotiation Worksheet
-Debt Priority (Payoff Order)
-Debt Payoff Calculator
-Debt Payoff Chart (3 options)
-Savings Breakdown Tracker
-Savings Tracker (4 options)
-Savings Plan (5 options)

Part 3: Alternative Budget Systems
-Categorized Budget
-Cash Envelope System (w/ 5 envelope designs)
-70-20-10 Budget
-60-20-20 Budget
-50-30-20 Budget
-Conscious Spending Plan
-Paycheck Budget

Part 4: Saving Money
-Meal Planning Worksheet & Grocery List
-Recipe Cost Worksheet
-Price Comparison Chart
-Stock-Up Price Chart
-Pantry Challenge
-Price Renegotiation Worksheet
-Subscription Tracker

Part 5: Situational Budgeting
-Party Planner
-Vacation Planner
-Gift Planner
-Tax Deductions Tracker
-School Supplies Worksheet
-Medical Expenses Tracker
-Billing Issues Worksheet

There IS some overlap between the forms. Personal Money Management is a book with a TON of information and printables to help you navigate it. The Budget Binder is a printable binder including many of those same printables. The goal worksheets are improved. And there are additional printables for debt, savings, budget, money saving, and more. But it is more strictly a printable binder rather than a source of information. 

This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. You are delivered the file, which you can print as needed. There are NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL PRODUCTS. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rebecca Vandendries
So far awesome!!

So far it’s awesome. I’m taking my time and really using this, making me dig deep

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Sue-Ann Luidens
I love it! So far so good.

I started the 'Personal Money Management; how to go from debt to wealth' binder and it is making me realise so much of myself that I didn't take notice of before. I know now what I am doing next month that will better myself financially and spiritually. (Which are the 2 most important things to me) Thank you Jennie, for this and all that you do and still are doing for us women out there who don't really know how to put it all in order.