Goal Achievement Binder

Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder
Goal Achievement Binder



This Goal Achievement Binder will help you not only define and set your goals, but help you achieve them. Worksheets to help you define what you want, your values, why you want it, & more. Goal rules (with instructions) on how to achieve your goals. And goal worksheets are specially designed to help you break down your goals and take action TODAY.

Define Your Goals:
• Best Self exercise (3 pages)
• Current Values worksheet (2 pages)
• Time Remaining worksheet
• Vision worksheet
• Long-Term Goal Brainstorming worksheet
• 5 Whys & All the Whys

Goal Rules- 9 rules/systems to help you achieve your goals

Goal Worksheets:
• Long-Term Goal worksheet
•Yearly Review
• Yearly Breakdown
• Quarterly Breakdown
• Monthly Planner
• Weekly Planner

Habits- keystone habits, how to set habits, & more
• Habit Tracker
• Resolution Tracker


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stow Bordash
Great Binder!

This binder was so helpful for me to actually sit down and think about not only my goals, but how to execute them. There was also really neat sections about family medical history and contact information that I found very useful. All in all, I would rate this binder a 10 of 10! Very nice work!

Jaynne Duarte

Goal Achievement Binder

Bethany Challen
Helpful and cheerful

Hello thank you for the binder product, I find it very helpful and beautifully presented! Now to put it to work!

Milia Ziegler
What I've Wanted For SOOO Long!!

I love this goal achievement binder 🥰❣️❣️ I have been looking for something like this for seemingly forever! It REALLY gets to the heart of not only goal setting but goal ACHIEVEMENT. I honestly can't say which part is my favorite b/c there is so much meat to it! It goes WAY beyond the typical "Where do you want to be in 5 years?" question (nothing wrong w/that question, BTW; I've just always wanted more in-depth, probing questions). Jennie's tone throughout the entire binder is SO relatable, precise. She encourages you to closely look at your actions and see if they reflect your true goals. I also love how she incorporates her own journey through the binder. That was very helpful! And in case my review sounds too glowing, I was in no way reimbursed for this review. I simply bought it as soon as Jennie announced she had it in her store b/c she consistently produces such quality products. Keep up the great work as usual, Jennie!

Natasha Hanna
Great Binder!

I have looked though the Goal achievement binder and it is filled with worthwhile questions. I hope to start it soon and make use of it and to look at what I goals I can work towards and achieve. Thanks Jennie