Q: Wait, this is a digital product? 
A: Yes, this is a digital product. No physical product will be shipped.
You print it yourself! We both save by not having shipping costs. (Trust me, I priced the possibility of me printing them and putting them in binders to ship). This is a digital product that you print.
This works out best because you'll want to use a lot of these sheets more than once! 


Q: What payment methods do you accept? 
A: Our store is powered by Shopify. You can pay via credit card or PayPal. 


Q: I want to use this to resell. Can I do that? 
A: NO, not under any circumstances. These items are sold for personal use only. Posting them on your website- even if you're giving it away free- violates that. 

If you're a teacher, counselor, etc., and want to use a worksheet or two in your class (with students/patients/etc.), that is fine. If you want to use the entire product, that is NOT fine. You will need to purchase additional products. Example: if you do financial counseling, you can't just give away copies of Personal Money Management or the Budgeting Binder. 

If a co-worker wants to share it with their class/patients, they need to purchase their own copy. 


Q: I didn't realize this was digital. Can I get a refund? 
There are NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL PRODUCTS as you download it immediately to your computer. If you purchase by accident and DO NOT download it (I can see in my Shopify store who has downloaded), then I can issue a refund.
But if you download it- you've bought it for good. 


Q: I have a question not answered here. How can I contact you? 
A: E-mail me at jennie {at} thehousewifemodern.com. Or visit the "Contact" page and fill out of the form.