The story of The Housewife Modern is a bit funny. And whimsical. Husband was watching me endlessly experiment with food and home cleaning solutions. I'm very scientific at heart. And told me I should start a housewife blog. At the time, I was running another blog that was semi-profitable, but wasn't "taking off" the way I hoped. 

On a lark, I went ahead and took his suggestion. He even picked the name! 

And to my surprise, it took off. Over time, I started developing free printables (check out my website https://www.thehousewifemodern.com to see them all! There are a ton!). 

But I wanted to provide more. So I started a little shop on Etsy. That did horrible. It wasn't the platform for me. I wanted my OWN store. So I made the switch to Shopify and the beautiful store you're looking at now. I'm continually developing new products so check back often.